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Losi Francesco Elettronica Industriale is an Italian manufacturer of Electronics applied to the world of amusement rides and Lunapark attractions. Our company is placed in Melara and belongs to the Italian Distretto della Giostra. Our over thirty-year experience,  since 1979, has resulted in a wide range of components and accessories for audio and lights entertainment, as well as modern interactive games for people involvement. Common characteristic of the whole production is the high technology using advanced components and innovative software.


Fun-Led RGB lighting system is the core business of our company, a line of RGB LED products for the customization of any type of Lunapark's attraction. This system is based on the use of RGB LEDs that can be pre-programmed and plug & play or controllable with a multifunction remote controller. All our products are designed and Made in Italy in order to ensure reliabiliy and high quality. We have developed our programming software which allows to program all the light and color effects by customizing any single ride on the basis of each customer's needs. In this way we are able to make a ride unique and we let the customer to be absolutely different from the others.

JULY 2007 - The first Bumper Car enlightened with Fun Led


Bumper Car Distel, made by the italian company Gosetto, is the first ride enlightened and controlled with our Fun Led lighting system. A lot of RGB LEDs decorate each angle and part of this attraction. Thanks to our innovative and interactive control system, the user can have the total control of the lights. He can select at any time the different light programs and obtain a perfect synchronisation of lights and colors. Over the years, this German Bumper car has been renovated and updated with our Fun Led products, by witnessing our continuous developments in the field of LED RGB. The last updatings on this ride are the RGB LED poles for the cars and our FL-Floodlights 88 LED RGB.

Global Recognition

In 2007, Fun Led was nominated Product of the Year in the RGB LED Lighting business for the Amusement Rides World.


SEPTEMBER 2010 - International Trade Shows' Debut

Since 2010, we participate to the most important international exhibitions of the Amusement Rides and Attraction World like Euro Attractions Show.


SEPTEMBER 2012 - Birth of ISG12

In 2012, we have created and introduced at EAS Berlin our new Interactive Shooting Games ISG12. The Interactive Shooting Games ISG12 can be installed on ghost trains or many other rides like the bumper cars. This system is characterized by infrared guns and targets positioned both on the ground and on board of vehicles. Each target is provided with a RGB LED lamp that lights up when the target is hit. The peculiarity of this interactive system is the complete customization of the game. This means that the customer can define all the parameters of the game like the sounds that will be played, the targets to insert inside, the graphics panel scores, etc. All this is controlled by a powerful PC software. The first version of this interactive system was mounted on a I.E Park bumper placed in Tivoli Amusement Park Copenhagen.


MAY 2014 - Super Tuning Bumper Car RGB

In 2014 we realized a LEDs lighting system for the cars of bumper car ride. This system is called Super Tuning Bumper Car RGB and can be adapted to any model or kind of bumper car.
The main RGB LED products of the system are the bumper car poles. Each car pole is controlled by one control box which allows the light synchronization between all the cars of the dodgem ride. We are also able to install our bright LEDs on the car front, back and underground sides creating a lot of light choreographies. dfdfe


JANUARY 2015 - Fun Led System Updating

We have a lot of news for this 2015 year. We are designing a new Fun-Led product line with new shapes and different light powers in order to enlarge our offer and increase the customization's possibilities. Regarding the Super Tuning Bumper Car RGB system we will introduce an updating for the synchronization between music and the LEDs lights installed on the cars.

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